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For your custom made bikini you can choose between Swarovski crystals or our Standard crystals. Mostly sizes SS16 and SS20 are suitable for bikinis.  


SS16 - 3.9mm
SS20 - 4.7 mm
SS30 - 6.4 mm



The Swarovski crystals pictured below are all available. These crystals are authentic and come with a higher price. If you are looking for a specific shape of the crystals, contact us on info@debbiepereira.com.


The Standard crystals are only available in the colors we have in stock. We only use the highest quality Xirius Cut standard crystals. These crystals have an almost similar shine, but are more budget friendly. Please refer to our Instagram @pereiradesign to see lots of crystal color and fabric combinations.


In our designs we often work with AB-crystals. AB is the abbreviation for Aurora Borealis, a special finish which was applied to rhinestones and beads to make them more radiant. The name Aurora Borealis is taken from the phenomena in the northern skies known as the Northern Lights. AB crystals are available in many colors (a few examples: Rose AB, Sun AB, Citrine AB and Fuchsia AB). AB crystals are available in both Swarovski and Standard crystals.


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